Convert your Shopify Store Visitors
to Customers and Increase Revenue

Use smart pop-ups to capture leads, convert anonymous
and abandoning visitors into customers, and increase sales.
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*based on clients’ average results
*based on clients’ average results

Any marketer can install, configure, and use Socital with Shopify.

Start off

Installing Socital on your e-commerce website is easy and could be done
in a few clicks. No coding is required.

Put into use

Launch your first campaign in a few
minutes. Activate your campaign in
one click or schedule it for later.

Convert, sell, grow

Watch your conversion rates
improving. Get more leads, more
sales, more revenue!

Smart popups that improve user engagement

Create intelligent and responsive exit-intent popups, cart recovery popups, countdown timers, bars, inline forms,
custom success messages, contact and survey forms, and more to power your Shopify store.
Choose from ready-made templates to save your time and improve your efficiency.
Countdown popup
Socital builder text editor
socital builder how to target users

Increase your Shopify conversion rates
smart popups

builder with cart abandonment popup

Increase seasonal sales

Promote seasonal deals - Black Friday, Christmas, or Valentine's - with smart popups, countdown timers, and personalized product recommendations.

Reduce cart abandonment

Use targeted exit-intent popups to bring back abandoning visitors to checkout and convert them into paying customers.

Collect rich customer data

Aggregate the data about each customer through social media CTA buttons. Get their gender, brand affiliations, and interests. Use it to personalize your offers and increase conversion rates of your Shopify store.

Must have e-commerce tool
Socital helps us to grow our email audience faster whilst improving conversion rates and reducing cart abandonment. We increased the conversion rate by 50% overnight just by switching over to Socital for our email capture.
Thomas G.
Marketing Consultant

Grow your email list

Collect new newsletter
subscribers 2x faster

Draw your website visitors’ attention as they browse around. Offer them to sign up to your newsletter in exchange for a discount on the first purchase, early access to a new collection, or to stay informed about upcoming updates.

Collect rich customer data

Aggregate the data about each customer through social media CTA buttons. Get their gender, brand affiliations, and interests. Use it to personalize your offers and increase conversion rates.

Shopify Email Integration

Socital pushes all email leads directly to Shopify Email to connect with your customers through email marketing. Shopify Email gives you the tools to build lasting customer relationships. And with no experience needed, you'll look like an expert right from the start.
grow email list

Excellent Customer Service, Great Potential
Incredible customer service and support from the rep. Some great strategy ideas and quickly actioned. The data capture looks great and is very easy to edit. The ability to login with facebook is the big win here and sets it apart from generic email popups.
Steve R.
Marketing Manager

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Target abandoning buyers
in real-time

Detect the moment when visitors leaving their cart without completing the order and target them with an exit-intent popup.

Personalize your message

Display a message with incentives to nudge hesitant customers to complete their orders. Direct them back to the checkout page of your Shopify store with a simple CTA button.

Best customer success (support) team ever
We started our cooperation with Socital with a primary goal to build our subscribers' base from scratch. We achieved the 6-month goal within almost 50 days! Gradually we realised that the platform offers many more solutions essential for an e-shop nowadays, like Exit Intent Pop-ups, sliders (which in the case of COVID-19 period were really useful for pushing instant notifications to our visitors). Countdown timers aimed to boost our conversions during sale or flash sale periods. Using personalised messages we managed to double our newsletter Open Rate and the audience we acquired through Socital performed with an average 11.4 ROAs on Facebook lookalike audiences over the past 3 months.
Dimitrios G.
eCommerce Marketing Manager

Increase seasonal sales

Use smart popups
to promote seasonal offer

Promote your special holidays’ deals with welcome-offer popups, countdown timers, and exit-intent popups. Use 18 targeting rules to segments your visitors and reach out with a relevant offer.

Upsell and cross-sell
with personalized product

Recommend relevant products based on your customers’ gender, brand affiliations, and Facebook interests.
seasonal sales christmas popups

Easy - Fast - Efficient
You can try everything you can imagine presenting a product, a big discount, have the abandoned cart reduced and most important convert anonymous visitors to paying customers! You collect data from your clients that help you categorize them by their interests, gender, name etc. Integration with other apps... you just press a button!
Christos C.
Marketing Administrator

Our Features

Real-time trigger

the moment abandoning buyers leave their cart.

One-click opt-in

with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and email.

Advanced targeting rules

and behavioural triggers.

Ready-made templates

with copy that converts.

Rich profile

with gender and first name.

GDPR consents

for Terms and Conditions and communication.

Count-down timer

to create urgency.

Easy-to-use campaign editor.

No coding needed!

Real-time analytics

to track campaign performance and conversion rate.

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