E-commerce marketing ideas
for International Women's Day

Seasonal campaigns are a great opportunity to target and engage your customers when they are in seasonal buying mode. International Women’s Day is one of them. If this occasion is important for your brand, you shouldn’t miss making your target audience feel special and appreciated.
Nowadays, women represent the largest market opportunity in the world.
“Women are fast becoming prominent creators of wealth and it is expected that they will control 75% of all household spending by 2028.”
As an online retailer, what supposed you should do with International Women’s Day? To help you increase conversion rates, we’ve compiled this list of e-commerce marketing ideas and tactics.


Organize better, accomplish more


Organize better, accomplish more

Dedicated Landing Page

Create a sense of equality and appreciation

Your dedicated landing page needs to create enjoyable feelings suitable for Women’s Day. Show to your loyal customers that you respect and appreciate them. Offer experience, not things. Our decisions are based on emotions and the way things are presented to us. They will remember how you value their rights.

Don’t expect your audience to just stumble across your website.
Womens day landing page
Womans day example
Keep delivery details clear and marked.
womens day landing page
Add navigation boxes with CTAs.
Womens day landing page gift card
Dedicate a special section on your website
for Women’s Day gift cards.
womens day landing page
Navigate your customers through your product offerings.
Womens day landing page
Highlight delivery details –
shipping time can make or break your conversion rates.
Explain the returns process.

Cart abandonment pop-ups

Women's Day Popup

An exit-intent pop-up at the checkout is an effective yet effortless solution to reduce cart abandonment.

Womens Day popup
Womens day popup

Drive attention to anything that might get your abandoning customers across the line such as free delivery, urgency about delivery dates or low stock.

Email marketing campaign

Build a successful email marketing campaign.
Womens day newsletter
Offer your loyal customers early access
to the newest collection.
Anticipation leads to higher customer engagement
and engagement leads to additional sales.
Women's Day Newsletter
“The highest-performing online retailers can acquire up to 60% of new customers
during seasonal campaigns.”
Use personalized content to show your customers products that they’re interested in.


Turn your email campaigns into a revenue-generating machine!
Add a touch of personalization to your email campaigns to maximize your email efforts.
first name on newsletter

Refer to customers
by their name

Segmentation pie

your mailing list

Socital’s dynamic segmentation tool can help you identify your subscribers’ first name and gender, develop rich customer profiles and segment your mailing list.
Email list segmentation
analyze the emali list with Socital
Utilize Socital’s solution for seasonal campaigns to increase sales and average order value
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Additional marketing should happen in the form of social media ads and Google ads. Social networks are giving you an opportunity to connect, boost engagement and inspire your customers.
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