Use Facebook Logins to gain customers data

Social logins give you a clear picture of your customers and provide more accurate data than a traditional registration process does. When it comes to social media services such as Facebook, you’re getting an automatic entry into the lives of 2.1 billion people across the globe.

There are more benefits of using Facebook login than you would think:

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When you’re looking at these positive points, doesn’t it just make basic sense to use Facebook logins? TheNextWeb has a study that shows only 6% of online retailers include a Facebook login button. That’s a large number of customers in the e-commerce industry that is not using social media to their own gain. 

Bear in mind, you’re not doing anything wrong here, many people will actually welcome the Facebook login but. Most people will be inclined to link their profiles purely for ease-of-use and perhaps better target marketing. It all comes down to your user base and what kind of target market you’re looking at.

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Easy Use Cases

It’s a simple step to just add a Facebook login button to your onsite pop-ups. Depending on the target market, it’s one that could actually do rather well for your online retail. It can be a great way to increase clicks and engagement, as long as you’re catering to the right crowd.

If you require your users to create an account before making a purchase, it could be the ideal feature to use on your site when they first join or when they head over towards their basket. As long as you are not being too pushy with it, you should actually see a use case for it.

If you suffer from frequent cart abandonments and make use of the social media feature, you should perhaps consider letting users check out as guests, or removing the social media login app button altogether. The numbers that you’ll be able to monitor in your analytics will tell you exactly what you need to know on a trial and error basis, and everyone is aware that filling in forms can slow down the conversion process.

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Visitors, especially first-time visitors, are often quite aware of privacy concerns and are more often than not, reluctant to links as much information as something like Facebook can provide, to your site. Not only are users aware of it, but the process itself also is far too often repetitive (as many sites use something similar), and time-consuming. 

Social media logins can facilitate the signing up process by auto-populating all the information you could possibly need in order to shop, order or finalise something, but a fine line needs to be walked when deciding when and where to use it.

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