Running a Successful E-Commerce Promotion for Women’s Day

Running a Successful E-Commerce Promotion for Women’s Day

As soon as we start to move towards Spring and the harshest months of winter are behind us, Women’s Day pops up as the 8th of March. If you’re getting into March and you haven’t quite thought about it yet, you may be too late! Now is the perfect time to start thinking of ideas to capitalize on your e-commerce platform, giving you and your female customers a little something more than ever before.

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No matter your business, unless you’re specifically selling your products to men which in itself could ask a few strange questions because every brand should diversify, all businesses should look to market towards women. Whether you’re selling clothing, razors, or cupcakes, you can market strictly towards a specific gender for Women’s Day, giving you an edge over your competition.
That’s not to say that you should be excluding anyone else during this time period, but by and large, women make up a large section of most customer bases and having a Women’s Day promotion will likely give a little credence to having a woman spoil herself, or at the very least, a partner spoiling them.
Women’s Day promotion
Women’s Day promotion

Remembering Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world and has been for many years. It marks a special occasion to focus on the achievements of women through the ages and highlights the fight for global equality.
Here are four quick tips that can start off your Women’s Day promotion with flying colors.

Set Up a Competition

Running a competition or a contest on your social media page could be a great way to get your products and business out there. Ask your customers to share their hopes or dreams for Women’s Day or perhaps get them to identify with certain quotes. The world is literally your oyster here!
Remembering Women’s Day
Remembering Women’s Day

In doing so, you’ll be able to increase your exposure across the board and perhaps get more people to start taking notice of your business as you dive into important aspects of our society. This competition or contest could be a random prize draw between all the entrants or have a percentage of money spent going to a specific charity for women. No matter what you decide to do, don’t feel guilty about using something like Women’s Day to promote your business. Whether you’re giving money to charity or not, having people talking about and recognizing Women’s Day for the important part it plays in history is more than enough. It’ll also make women proud to be associated with your company and possibly even promote it out of their own free will.

Target a Specific Group of Women

Sometimes these e-commerce promotions work better when they target specific groups. Targeting women is good, but it may be seen as too broad or too general. Think about aiming your products at a certain demographic and have your artwork and content more in line with a certain age group. You could also pay respect to the mothers of the world who are looking after kids, or the active businesswomen, you could even take aim at the hardworking staff who have been on the frontline for the last year during the global pandemic.
Reaching out to specific groups inside your target audience will have great results because it will make them feel like you are specifically talking to them, and if your marketing and social media is done right, it’s a way for them to identify with your brand and support it fully out in the public eye by mouth or through social media too.

Extend Women’s Day

What’s better than having a day dedicated solely to women? Having an entire week dedicated to them! Not only will you get the opportunity to showcase your products and to show that you care about this important day, but you’ll also give you entire customer list a chance to take advantage throughout the week. When you start things off, make sure that everyone knows it’s happening and how long it’s going for.
Extend Women’s Day
Extend Women’s Day
You could do this by changing some colors on your site, perhaps using some different marketing materials, and an updated social media presence. If you’re running some kind of service then you could offer a different service each day, or perhaps with products, run different specials each day, making sure that your site is then visited multiple times by your existing consumer base.

Try to Gain New Clients Through a Different Recommendation Program

We all know how effective word-of-mouth advertising is, and what’s even better is having specified advertising throughout the time you’re running a promotion. Instead of having a regular family or friend referral, give people special bonuses for bringing women into the mix. Loyalty programs always work well, especially when existing clients are given free goodies, discounts, or anything else.

Keep Your Existing Marketing Strategies in Place

Just because there’s an event or period of time popping up where you want to mix things up a bit, doesn’t mean that you should abandon everything else that you know. Women’s Day is a fantastic way to celebrate women and with some of our tips, you’ll be able to do so too, but ensure that you stay on top of your existing strategies too. You could even tailor them a little more towards women in this particular circumstance.

Targeted Leads with Quizzes

We all know that having leads generated through questionnaires and quizzes can be a really effective marketing tool, and to be honest, that hasn’t changed yet! It’s a way of garnering personal information without actually giving the impression that you’re doing so. Usually, these quizzes will be started off by clicking on a CTA that invites you to take a test or quiz. This could be really beneficial for use through something like Women’s Day. Mention the history of Women’s Day, what has been happening and what could still happen. What are the changes you’d like to see? Which famous woman from history are you? What are your favorite changes that women have brought about?
Targeted Leads with Quizzes
These types of questions and more can help you to identify your audience and target them in future with content that works specifically for them.

Gift Guides to Send Out

Each and every promotion gives consumers a chance to spend and become part of your ecosystem. Sending out gift guides ahead of a specific promotion can help to make conversions early on. If you feel that your client base is primarily men, then you can still do something like this because some of the men on your list may have wives and girlfriends. Ahead of Women’s Day, getting a guide out and about will work wonders!
Gift Guides to Send Out

Convert Wishlists and Fix Abandoned Carts

A lot of consumers will add items to their shopping carts or wishlists and then just leave them there. This happens more often than you think and as an e-commerce expert, you shouldn’t forget about this. It’s the best way for you to have a high conversion potential because the client has already shown that they are interested in the product. What you can do here is put this into action by offering discounts or gifts to go with purchases.
You can send out wishlist reminder emails to your clients to nudge them along the way and try to get them to complete their purchase. Not only will you get more interested clients, but you’ll also potentially fix the abandoned cart scenario that many e-commerce businesses are left with.
Buyers are not linear in this process and having too many actions to complete before a purchase can get in the way of finalising a purchase. Giving people the chance to see their products at a discounted rate and having them moved directly to check out can push more people towards clicking the “Buy” button.

Get Personal with Your Email Flows

Often the callbacks towards customers to complete a sale or revisit an abandoned cart can sound far too pushy or could even be put into the “sales” side of things. This is not a good look for you or the company and it’s likely not a message you want to send to your customers either.
Get Personal with Your Email Flows
Get Personal with Your Email Flows
In e-commerce, it’s something that needs to be tackled through, and in a situation where a customer has abandoned a cart putting a personal touch towards it can go a really long way. If you’ve managed to put together a customer profile using some of the e-commerce tactics that we’ve suggested in the past will give you a good amount of information on your customers and clients, and this way, you can structure a more personal recovery email flow to have them revisit and abandoned cart, but also complete that purchase.

Continue to Optimize for Mobile – Look Towards Voice

We don’t need to discuss it further for the most part, but we think everyone in the world now should realize that the world is mobile, and all e-commerce businesses should be opting for mobile design and responsiveness. Often, consumers will visit sites through mobile and they will browse for the products they are looking for. There are times when consumers won’t complete a mobile purchase because the account creation can take a little longer than expected.
Ensure that this doesn’t happen on your e-commerce site and make sure that you’re optimized for mobile. Make the full journey possible with mobile from start to finish.
There is a lot of data now that is pushing the e-commerce trend towards voice search now. More and more buyers are using voice commands to search for items and products and having the right content for those searches will give e-commerce owners an upper hand in the search results. It’s not an easy thing to do though…

Voice Optimization

If you’ve managed to conquer the world of SEO and optimization for mobile then you’re likely looking towards voice optimization. The people who use household devices like the Amazon Echo, Siri or Google Home will know how they speak to their device isn’t necessarily the same way they would type things out when browsing a search engine.
2021 is expected to bring an equilibrium of searches where voice search will be half of the internet searches being done. More than half the households in the USA have already got a smart speaker, with that number expected to rise in the next year or two. Being a “position zero” on Google is a hard thing to do, but it is possible, and now is the best time to do it.
Position Zero refers to being the number one entry where Google actually uses a featured snippet of your site. This is information that is unique and informative. Think about when you actually search on a search engine, you browse around to look for the most relevant thing. With voice searches, your smart device will just repeat the featured snippet back to you, and that’s gold!
If you’re in the market for selling a particular product on your e-commerce store and can somehow get to the position zero, you’ll be in a really sweet spot. This, of course, means understanding that we don’t speak in the same way that we type with searching. It’s almost counter-intuitive if you have been doing SEO in content for many years with your e-commerce business. For example, rather than searching “weather London” in Google, you’d say “Alexa, what is the weather like in London today?”. Of course, you can’t just type that out and have keyword phrases written out because then your content would be flagged as inappropriate.

What you can do though is make it work for your business in a way that counts. When you’re deciding that you’re going to be running an e-commerce promotion for Women’s Day this year, make sure that you’re looking at voice searches too. Ask yourself, and your clients, “what are some great gifts for Women’s Day this year?”, and let your e-commerce site answer the question.

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