Socital is integrated with Emarsys!

Socital Integration with Emarsys

Introducing our integration with Emarsys. Drive conversions by leveraging the rich customer identity and on-site behavioral data collected by Socital’s social plugins, social login, loyalty solutions and more in your Emarsys Platform.
With this integration you can now transfer data between Socital’s rich profile database and Emarsys, and schedule automated updates to ensure you work with the most accurate user data available. Maintain a unified view of users’ profile and behavioral data, subscription information and lead details and segment them into groups. Emarsys’s real-time personalization extracts lead details from Socital in order to create personalized marketing campaigns in real-time, saving you time and resources.

Socital’s rich data gives you key insight on:

  • Their name
  • Age, Gender, Spending Capacity and Influence Level
  • Where they’re from
  • How they found you
  • Where they signed up
  • What browser and OS they’re using
Having this type of data on your subscribers helps you understand them so you’ll know exactly how to message them, and increase conversion.

Export your customer’s profiles!

Through our Emarsys integration you can easily export your customers’ profiles with their aggregated data to your Emarsys lists.

Real time Sync!

Through Socital you can sync your pop-ups with your contact lists on Emarsys. This means that every time a customer subscribes to your mailing list, he is automatically added to the contact list without you having to do thing.

Target your customers like a pro!

 Export your Custom Audiences to your Emarsys contact lists and target your clients with relevant content, tailored around their profiles.

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