Socital Integrates with Zapier

Proudly announcing our integration with Zapier. We are very excited to announce that Socital is now integrated with Zapier! The integration allows you to easily connect your Socital account to other apps, marketing platforms, and email marketing providers. Connecting to other apps can make the most out of the data you collected through Socital’s campaigns.
Zapier provides an incredibly flexible infrastructure which makes using the data collected through Socital easy and intuitive.

Enrich leads for your email marketing

Enriching leads for your email marketing efforts is valuable enough that we’ve already built direct integrations with major email marketing providers. This is a typical Socital’s use-case, but the Zapier integration makes it easier and more accessible than ever.
Now, you can do so much more!

How does it work?

Once you connect the Socital webhook in Zapier’s Zap as a trigger, every time you collect a lead through a Socital’s campaign, they are sent to your Zap. Through the Zap the lead is then sent to the connected service along with the Socital’s fields you have mapped. There is no additional step required. All the leads collected through Socital’s lead generation campaigns will be sent to your Zap.
Note: You can also map the additional fields that Socital offers for each lead, such as gender and first name, to the connected service in your Zap.

Learn more here about how to connect Socital and Zapier. 

Zapier Webhook screenshot

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