Give Your Shopify Store the Black Friday Makeover

Give Your Shopify Store the Black Friday Makeover

Black Friday is known as the king of the holiday season and therefore represents one of the greatest occasions to skyrocket your sales. However, gearing up for the peak season is not an easy task. It requires a comprehensive business approach and timely preparation.

Online retailers have no other option but to exploit various marketing strategies, order management techniques, supply chain management, and advanced technologies to meet emerging consumer expectations.

Sounds scary to you? No worries!
We’ve picked up for you some effective Black Friday sales tactics to help you outrank all other retailers.

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#1 Black Friday website experience that converts

The foundation of the Black Friday campaign success lies in a carefully thought-out concept of what and how you want to sell.
A new website skin is an essential solution for showcasing your Black Friday deals and a desire to engage and excite your visitors and customers. Besides adding banners with discounts, special sections, or dedicated landing pages, adjust the main website theme. You can change the header and hero image, decorate your logo or apply a Black Friday color scheme.
#1 Black Friday website experience that converts
Details matter. For instance, the countdown widget works well if you want to create urgency and push buyers into making a faster decision on a purchase they’re considering.

A successful marketing campaign is impossible without good UX/UI design and therefore do your best to make the customer journey easy and delightful. What can you do? Make sure that your visitors and customers can get what they need fast. Simplify flow to the end goal, minimize clicks, and stumbling through the website.

Black friday cyber monday
Navigation can make or break your website’s overall performance when it comes to retaining visitors, keeping them engaged, and driving them through the conversion funnel. Your call-to-action buttons should be visible and distinct, so your visitors can understand without thinking about what actions they are supposed to take.
Also, improving your search functionality will help customers to navigate your site quickly. 80% of visitors abandon a website because of the poor on-site search experience.
help customers to navigate your site quickly
Last but not least, think mobile-first and make your website design mobile responsive.

#2 Special Black Friday themed pop-ups for better conversion rates

Besides live chats, chatbots, and other CRO strategies, pop-ups are one of the best tools for improving your e-commerce conversion rate. Even though they can be seen as a love-hate feature in web design, they can be game-changing in a positive way. When done correctly, they are a vital tool for e-commerce holiday marketing.

Online retailers know how their customers can be very hesitant. They like to compare products and prices, to take time in finding the cheapest offer, and to spend an additional minute of comparison shopping before making an actual purchase decision.
Pop-ups can be used for promoting your Black Friday deals. You can offer users specifically tailored specials that will only appear for a certain amount of time. You can quickly grab the attention of your visitors while they browse around your website and nudge them towards your conversion goal.
Having a pop-up appear and being able to convert a visitor to offer up their email address for a mailing list is a huge advantage.
You can use social gated pop-ups that will require users to sign in from a social media platform. It will allow you to collect other types of information in addition to what you’ve already collected.
Black friday cyber monday popup design example
Black friday cyber monday popup design example
With pop-ups, you can take full advantage of selling more to a current customer who is already on your website. Once someone has successfully made a purchase or even added something to their basket, you can up-sell or cross-sell them complementary items.
By including countdown timer pop-ups to your promotions, you help your customers decide immediately.
But before you start creating them, you need to know what goal you want to fulfill.
Black friday cyber monday popup design example
For boosting the Black Friday sales and increasing average order value,
you can create different pop-up types:

#3 Optimize your checkout for Black Friday onslaught

You can predict that customers will be adding things to carts to save them for later as they hunt for the best offers on Black Friday. Therefore, your checkout is something that can make or break your sales conversion rates. Your checkout flows should be seamless and easy to navigate. As consumer expectations across all facets of the checkout experience are high, you have to explore how to improve the convenience and safety of the checkout process.
Investing in software solutions that are easy to implement and have global back-end capabilities, including currency conversion and tax compliance, are vital elements of holding positive customer experience and maintaining security online.
Black friday cyber monday popup design examples
Black friday cyber monday popup design example
Black friday cyber monday popup design example

One of the powerful assists for your profits on Black Friday is the exit-intent pop-ups. An exit-intent pop-up at the checkout is an effective yet effortless solution to reduce cart abandonment and recover the lost sales.

By driving attention to anything that might get your abandoning customers across the line, you nudge them to complete their orders. You can use free delivery, urgency about delivery dates, or low stock as incentives.

#4 Optimize your Black Friday post-purchase experience

Another tactic that can help you reducing post-holiday seasonal slumps is a loyalty program. It’s shown that customers who get loyalty rewards spend twice as much as those who don’t. Investing in a loyalty program will bring customers back for the festive season. If you enable customers to claim loyalty rewards directly from their cart with one click, it will drastically the average order values.
Optimize your Black Friday post-purchase experience
Simply put, by creating a pleasant user experience, you invest in your brand reputation.

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