How to Utilize Socital to Improve Conversion Rates

How to Utilize Socital
to Improve Conversion Rates

Most eCommerce businesses have the same concerns – how to increase conversion rates and gain customers’ loyalty? Socital was created to address these challenges and provide an effortless solution.  Personalized user experience is the key to winning customers over while encouraging them to genuinely like your brand.
Let’s take a look at some successful examples of using Socital.
Challenge #1
Our client wanted to analyze the existing email database and create a segment of inactive subscribers who had never purchased anything in the online store. The objective was to turn them into loyal customers.
To re-engage with inactive subscribers, we suggested a Facebook contest. Participants were requested to take action by logging in with their Facebook accounts. The social media registration process provides more accurate data than the traditional one and gives a clear picture of your visitors and customers. By getting get their name, gender, age, interests and brand affiliations, our client could segment the email list and approached each segment with a personalized offer. 
Challenge #2
Our client wanted to re-engage existing subscribers with the full set of products and increase their time on the brand new website. The objective was to make existing visitors and customers get familiar with the website, new products and new offers.
To achieve stated, we suggested a hidden pop-up with a special offer. It would show up on certain pages such as a page with women’s dresses and after certain on-site actions such as clicking the specific navigation tab. This would nudge customers to explore the website and take action, claim an offer and purchase products.
Onsite contest promotion for Mother's Day
personalized success screen for the contest participants
This how the whole process looked like: Our client sent a newsletter to all existing subscribers. Then she created 2 welcome pop-ups for new website visitors and for visitors coming via newsletter with different messages how to participate in the contest. Having a relevant message for a different type of website visitors or customers make the user experience more personalized.
After visitors landed to the specific page, a welcome pop-up urged them to log in with Facebook to get a hint. Opting-in this way their data such as email, name, interests and behavioral data got accessible. Finally, a success screen displayed with a relevant product recommendation based on the visitor’s gender.
The results were astonishing!
Our client experienced tremendous success by adding flair to our pop-ups. We hope this inspires you to do something similar on your website and see amazing results!
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