Are you new to Shopify? 4 + 1 apps to begin with!

Are you new to Shopify? 4 + 1 apps to begin with!

George Kalantzis, Marketing Specialist,
If you are new to Shopify maybe you have been overwhelmed by all the options & apps. Running an e-shop is a whole new world, but don’t worry, Shopify is loaded with powerful tools that will help you extend the functionality of your online store and maximize the efficiency of it.
But in the thousand apps, how can you distinguish which are the appropriate ones and the best for your business? How will you make the best choice?
If you are just getting started or you are new to Shopify, here are the must-have apps to begin with. Whatever is your purpose, definitely there is an app for that.

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Bulk Product Edit & CSV import

Been there, felt that! Managing a store with many (should we say hundreds?) products, is everything else but easy. It can be complicated, it can drain your energy, and take a lot of your time!
You may want to change the prices, to add a tag to hundreds of products, to optimize searches, or publish the product to sales channels such as Google Shopping, Facebook, or Amazon.
Thanks to Bulk Product Edit, you don’t have to do all the jobs manually. With just one app, this kind of repetitive work is done accurately and quickly.

Let’s take a look at Bulk Edit features

CSV Edit Features

Scheduling Features

Safety Features

Facebook channel

Definitely one of the must-have apps! With the Facebook channel, you have all the tools you need to sell and market among Facebook and Instagram. With the Facebook channel by connecting your main Facebook accounts, your product will automatically sync. And this is the first step that will help you to promote them on both Facebook and Instagram.
By using free and paid marketing tools, you will grow your business, reach new customers, manage all your products from one place, without leaving Shopify.
Don’t forget to set up your Facebook pixel so you can understand customer behavior and traffic that will lead you to effective marketing campaigns!
Among others, you can sell from anywhere with the new Facebook feature – the Facebook Shops. Through Facebook Shops you can create a single shop for both platforms (Facebook and Instagram) to sell your products and collections and seamlessly manage your orders in Shopify. Up until now – in the US only- followers can automatically check out via a website or directly on the app.

Free or paid ads

Marketing features will help you find your audience, create a new audience, engage followers, and boost sales. You can create a Facebook audience while building ads to help new customers find your online store and promote up to five products in a carousel ad.
Dynamic retargeting ads allow you to retarget shoppers that have already visited your store. Target the right audience with interest-based targeting or lookalike audiences.
Choose a budget, along with campaign start and end dates that work for you. For low-risk marketing, you can also use tools like social page posts to build brand loyalty and promote discount codes to your Facebook Page followers.

It’s the most trusted reward program provider in the world with thousands of Shopify brands showing their preference. It allows you to boost sales from your existing customer base through referrals, interactive pop-ups, points, campaigns, and more.
A Smile loyalty program gives your customers access to exclusive perks and attractive discounts. It helps customers to engage better with your brand every time they log in to your store.

Loyalty points program

Referral program

VIP program

Percentage Discount

Dollar Discount

Free product

Free shipping

You can get your reward program configured, designed, and launched on your Shopify store in less than a day. Customization takes minutes with the intuitive UI. No coding skills required.
Customer support is available 24/7 on paid plans via email and online. The app provides access to hundreds of helpful Smile resources.
One-click integrations with best-in-class apps like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend, Loox,, Privy, PushOwl, ReCharge, Gorgias, and more.

Web Push Notification

Web Push Notification is an important marketing channel for e-commerce businesses. Due to privacy concerns, website visitors are increasingly reluctant to give out emails and phone numbers.
Push Notification does not collect as much information as other channels, and the subscribers can’t be shared or resold. More or less, it is built to help you recapture your lost sales, generate new traffic, and boost sales.
What is one of your biggest fears? Abandoned carts and abandoned checkouts! As you may already know there is a difference between these two. And the abandoned carts are way more than abandoned checkouts. But with the algorithm of Smart Push Notification, you can not only recover the abandoned checkouts, but you can also recover a large number of abandoned carts. Notifications sent automatically can save lost sales.
Based on our experience we know that timing is everything. Smart Push Marketing can deliver your promotions to your subscribers at an appropriate time in their time zone.
You can also configure campaigns for your subscribers to receive notifications at the time when actively browsing your website and are ready to take immediate action.

Subscriber Segmentation

The App auto-segments subscribers into groups such as price-sensitive groups, frequent visitor groups, win-back groups, etc. You can create targeted campaigns accordingly. For example, you can send a “price-sensitive group” and “price-insensitive group” different discount codes to maximize sales.

Multi-Platform Support

Device: Mac OS, Windows, Android
Browser: Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera


Socital is an e-commerce marketing platform that helps marketers capture leads, convert anonymous and abandoning visitors into customers, and increase sales.
The platform provides a unique set of tools for data collection, email database segmentation, conversion optimization, targeting, and personalization.
It is the only marketing platform that enables you to pull your customers’ data from their social media profiles and use them for targeting.

Any marketer can install, configure, and use Socital. No coding is required. Find Socital Shopify App here.

What can you do for your e-commerce business with Socital?

Easy-to-use Campaign Editor

With the easy-to-use popup builder, you can create intelligent and responsive exit-intent popups, cart recovery popups, countdown timers, bars, inline forms, custom success messages, contact and survey forms, and more.The app offers ready-made templates created to save marketers’ time and improve their efficiency. Custom CSS configuration is available and therefore you can always customize campaigns to your needs.

Pop-ups with social logins

Socital is the only app that offers pop-ups with social logins. Social media logins can facilitate the signing up process by auto-populating all the information you could possibly need. Thanks to them you can collect data from your customers’ social media profiles. It will give you a clear picture of your customers and provide more accurate data than a traditional registration process does.
Information you get this way can be used to segment your email database and personalize your newsletter.
Recommendations based on likes

Advanced targeting rules

Socital offers 18 advanced targeting rules to target the right message to the right visitor.

Analytics & insights

Data enthusiasts will also enjoy Socital’s integration with Google Analytics, and performance reporting that lets them better monitor their sales funnels.
Socital is the best alternative to OptinMonster, Privy, JustUno, Poptin, Optimonk, Sumo, Wisepops, Personizely, etc.
It integrates with Campaign Monitor, Contact Pigeon, Emarsys, Iterable, MailChimp, Moosend, Oracle Netsuite, Voyado, Bronto.
Shopify never stops growing! So, it’s time to start your journey, and all these reliable apps are there to help you. Don’t hesitate, go ahead, and explore the tools you need to start off and grow your e-commerce business.
Happy selling!

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