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Online retail is undergoing a boom right now, with the convenience of shopping online having been demonstrated to more people than ever across the last 18 months. It is now essential that all online retailers are fully compliant with the GDPR – which we talk about in more detail below – and that they have tools in place to ensure their store is fully optimized for lead generation and conversions.
In this article, we will be looking at Shopify and why you need to use it, as well as two essential app providers named Pandectes and Socital. Let’s begin by talking about the importance of Shopify.

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Why Use Shopify?

If you run an online retail store the chances are you use Shopify as the host platform. Shopify is the premier retail store hosting platform with shops in more than 170 countries. One of the main advantages of Shopify is the ability to use a variety of apps that help your retail business grow. We’ll look at Pandectes and what it is all about first.

Why You Need Pandectes

Pandectes offers a series of apps that are essential for simple and clear compliance with the GDPR – that is General Data Protection Regulation. This regulation is in use throughout Europe and is intended to ensure consumers’ data is protected when shopping online. There is also the California Consumer Privacy Act – CCPA – which is a similar regulation applicable in the state of California.

Data protection is a vital aspect of any online business, and Pandectes offers the GDPR app to make your life a lot easier. This app cuts through the complexities of the regulation and installs a cookie bar relating to GDPR and CCPA – whichever applies to the consumer – and also has an app that presents an ePrivacy Page that can be displayed in several European languages. This page offers the option for the consumer to consent or otherwise to data being used in certain ways, which will be clearly explained. 
Further apps available from Pandectes include a direct communication app that allows the retailer to enact real-time updating of information such as warehousing, stock levels, distribution, and orders. By streamlining the order and delivery process time and money are saved. Based in Greece, Pandectes has become a market leader in Shopify apps and can provide custom apps for retail stores for greater versatility.
The importance of complying with GDPR and CCPA cannot be overstressed; not only does it keep you on the right side of the law, but it also reassures your customers that you care about their online privacy concerns. By enabling simple transactions, it also makes your store attractive to consumers.

The Benefits of Socital

Socital is an entirely different kind of app to those mentioned above. For growing online retail stores this is a genuine must-have tool. Online retail is a competitive market. You may think you have access to a massive number of potential customers, and indeed you do. The problem is that so do all the others in your market sector. Consider this: it is estimated that Shopify hosts some 1,700,000 online stores. Of course, not all will be in your market, but you can guarantee there will be plenty that are.
So, how does Socital help? Socital is a lead generation and growth app with many useful and innovative features. It is an effective tool using pop-ups to encourage the consumer at the right time during the transaction. Let’s assume a customer puts a product in their cart. Socital can enact a pop-up that tells them of items bought by others who purchased that item. But that’s not all, as this is an app that is far more sophisticated.

Socital has many personalization tools within its framework and can collect data for analysis. In fact, where it scores most highly is in its ability to gather customer data from the consumer’s social media pages, a unique feature not replicated in any other apps. This further enhances the potential for personalized targeting of visitors.

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In addition, Socital can be used to tackle the major problem that is shopping cart abandonment and consumer abandonment. By following a visitor’s path through the retail store and keeping track of their behavior and time spent on pages, Socital can enact a pop-up at a crucial time, when it seems that a customer may be about to leave the site.

This sort of versatility helps keep cart abandonment lower than the average. When you consider that research has shown that as many as 70% of carts are abandoned it becomes clear there are many millions of sales being lost all the time.
Socital is a customizable app that tackles some of the main problems experienced by online retailers, is easy to use and effective, and is a great way of gathering information from social media pages and targeting specific groups of consumers. So, do you really need Socital and Pandectes? Let’s see if we can wrap this up.

Conclusion – Why You Need Pandectes and Socital

We hope that we’ve managed to explain the benefits of both Pandectes and Socital for online retail stores. While each of these apps performs a different function, when paired together they can be a powerful tool in your marketing armory. On the one side, you have Pandectes that doubles as a reassurance you are big on privacy and also offers a way of streamlining the order and transaction process.
Then you have Socital with its impressive data gathering element which takes information from the consumers’ social media, and its ability to be programmed to follow the visitor and use pop-ups to keep them on the site and drive them to the checkout.
This pair of apps should certainly be on your shopping list if you wish to gain more leads and keep your visitors happy, especially if you are operating in a competitive market. We recommend you check out Pandectes and Socital in more detail to understand how they will benefit your online retail business.

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