Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Shopify Stores

Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas
for Shopify Stores

Mother’s Day considers a significant retail holiday that’s said the third-largest holiday after Black Friday and Christmas. According to the NRF’s survey, consumers are adapting their spending and gifting plans in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
2021 Overview
Percent Celebrating
$ 220.48
Average expected spending
$ 28.09B
Total expected spending
Mother’s Day Consumer Spending and Celebration Plans

When it comes to seasonal promotions, online retailers know that marketing is not a battle of products but a battle of perceptions. Standing out of the competition, attracting new customers, entertaining the existing ones and showing appreciation to the loyal ones requires lots of efforts. To capitalize on holidays and boost your sales, you have to include in your online promotional strategy the following key components – creativity, customer segmentation and marketing automation.

Table of Contents

#1 Dress up your homepage for Mother’s Day

Our decisions are based on emotions and the way things are presented to us. Show that you care. Show affection and appreciation. Provide great customer experience and unique incentives for your customers.

1.1 Use colors palette associated with Mother’s Day: pink, red and white.

1.2 Offer special discounts and navigate your customers through your product offerings.

1.3 Make it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for by adding a special Mother’s Day section on your homepage.

1.4 Create special deals around Mother’s Day gifts: bundle, special discount or 1+1 offer

Highlight them on your homepage to be visible as soon as visitors reach your page.

1.5 Don’t forget additional decoration- flowers, hearts and chocolates.

1.6 Create gift guides or a special section with product recommendations.

Your customers may need help finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Try to assist in any way you can.
Use different forms such as an infographic or a blog post.
A gift guide should target different mom personas according to their interests a yoga lover, a home cooker,
a gardener, travellers, etc.

1.7 Offer the option to make a surprise gift.

1.8 Free gift wrapping gives your brand a special touch.

It will also help with converting those customers who are looking for a convenient way to show that they care. Make gift giving easy for your customers by add a simple tick-box at checkout for gift wrapping.

1.9 Highlight your holiday’s delivery details.

1.10 A common way to run Mother’s Day promotions is creating a coupon with discount exclusively for this occasion.

You can offer a free gift for every purchase such as roses, carnations, bracelets, or skin care products.

1.11 Don’t forget the last-minute customers.

#2 Drive sales with online advertising

Light up your advertising: Facebook, Instagram or Google. We all love good deals so make them visible. Don’t expect your audience to just stumble across your gift guide.
Online advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach out to more potential customers and to drive sales. Follow up with remarketing campaigns.

2.1 Google search ads - if you choose PPC consider adding keywords related to Mother’s Day, special offer, gift ideas, etc. Prepare a dedicated landing page for this campaign.

2.2 Google shopping ads generate higher click through rates and higher conversion rates, while being at a reduced cost per click in comparison to search ads.

2.3 Google display ads - also excellent for grabbing the search users attention.

#3 Personalized email campaign

Send email reminders to your existing customers. Warm them up for the upcoming holiday by sending them wishlists,
gift guides or coupon codes.

Don’t forget to add order details and deadlines and what shipping option to select if they want their purchases to arrive on time.

email marketing campaign for Mother's Day with wishlists, gift guides or coupon codes
personalized email marketing campaign for Mother's Day
Create a countdown timer to show to your subscribers how much time is left before the important event and to add a little bit of urgency to your promotion. It’s a powerful real-time personalization tactic that helps increase basket size and generate new sales.
countdown timer newsletter for Mother's Day
Don’t stop here! Keep on personalizing!

#4 Social media

Social networks are giving you an opportunity to connect, boost engagement and inspire your customers. Create the heart-warming content and encourage your customers to share their mum-centric content on social media.

4.1. Gamify your Mother's Day campaign to entertain your audience

Make your social media promotion playable and collect identity data through integrated entry forms.

4.2 Conduct social media contests

Take your followers beyond social media with creative contests and promotions. Collect user-generated content as well as identity data. With Facebook contests you can attract more visitors and engage better with your loyal customers.
Facebook contest for Mother's Day
Facebook contest for Mother's Day

4.3 Mother's Day giveaways

Boost your social media engagement with Mother’s Day giveaways on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It’s the perfect communication channel to show love and appreciation to your customers.

#5 Attention grabbing on-site campaigns

To make any on-site campaign effective, you need to have a clear and targeted message that will drive
your customers directly to checkout.

5.1. Seasonal promotion

mothers day popup
mothers day popup
mothers day popup

5.2. Count-down timer pop-up

countdown timer popup for Mother's Day
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