Inspirational Father’s Day Promotion Ideas

Inspirational Father’s Day Promotion Ideas

Do you have an online retail store? If so, are you taking advantage of the many occasions throughout the year that you can use for promotions? We’re not talking about the obvious like Christmas, New Year, Halloween, and so on, but the sometimes-forgotten occasions, like Father’s Day.
Father’s Day is a big celebration with billions spent on gifts for dads, and the great thing about this occasion is it is ripe for promoting a massive range of different goods and services. In fact, it’s one of the best promotional opportunities on the calendar as dads are revered everywhere.
There are many forms your marketing campaigns could take – sweepstakes, quizzes, photo competitions are just a few examples, but how do you get your promotions seen by the right people at the right time?
In this article, we will look at Father’s Day promotion ideas and different platforms you can use, how to capitalize on certain items in your stock, and where social media comes into the picture. Let’s start by having a look at what you can do with your e-commerce business to promote Father’s Day.

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Optimize Your Website for Father’s Day

Logic dictates that if you’re running a campaign to promote Father’s Day you need to shout about it on your website. Have your web manager create a special pop-up or ad on the landing or home page of your site. This should clearly announce your Father’s Day deals and also link to the entry for a contest or other such giveaways. Giving your visitors a chance to win a prize will sparkle their interest in your offer. More tips about how to run a successful Father’s Day contest, you will find here.
Make it specific to male products but don’t push masculinity too much. Research has shown that the old method of promoting something as manly and masculine does not wash with today’s modern man.
Father's day
Let’s take a look at some ideas for Father’s Day promotion! You could think about a father and son or father and daughter promotion. When clicking on the Father’s Day section the consumer may be taken to an offer of matching father and son shirts or t-shirts, for example, making it more than just about the father. Whatever you choose, make your Father’s Day promotion clear and visible on your website in the weeks prior to the day.

Blog About Father’s Day

Alongside your website, your blog should also be Father’s Day focused. Blog about your father, or invite stories from your readers about their dads. Ask for pictures, nostalgic memories, to get your blog all about the upcoming event. Talk about what you can do to make Father’s Day special, and what you’ve done in the past. Get your readers interested and excited by making Father’s Day the focus of your blog and push your promotion. Get onto other people’s blogs that are relevant and join in with Father’s Day comments, linking back to your site. All of this will help spread the word about your promotion.

Promote Your Items that Father’s Will Like

If you already have items that are suitable for a Father’s Day promotion you have a head start. What we advise is that you perhaps put together a special collection of Father’s Day items and promote this as a limited time range of items. This could be branded as Father’s Day or simply appropriate items that are likely to appeal to children looking for gifts for their dads. Making something exclusive in this way gives it extra gravitas when it comes to presenting gifts.
Father's day
Father's day
If you happen to be a service provider, a café, restaurant, or bar, why not consider Father’s Day specials? Free drinks with a meal, for example, or anything that gives dad something he will enjoy. The possible ideas for promoting the occasion in this way are simply endless, and you will find it a popular promotion.

Use Your Social Media to Push Father’s Day Promotions

Social Media may hold the key to a successful Father’s Day marketing campaign. You will undoubtedly use social media for advertising, building your brand, and enhancing brand loyalty. For one-off promotions such as this, social networks are a vital tool, but how do you make the best use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social networks?
The three mentioned are the most effective and successful in terms of reach and visibility. They are also the easiest to use. Take Facebook: your page can become Father’s Day oriented very easily, and as with your blog this is another opportunity to invite your followers to contribute.
Father's day
You could start a discussion with the simple title: ‘What Dad Means to Me’ and post a short yet evocative answer describing why your dad is special. Others will do the same, and you can begin a conversation that will direct your readers to your online store, and expand the awareness of your Father’s Day campaign. If you want to be more humorous consider a topic about funny things dads say, or embarrassing moments with dad. There’s a lot of ideas in there for you to think about, so try and be creative and original.
‘Dad Sayings’ is also a great idea for a Twitter campaign, as the short form message usage is absolutely right for such an engaging idea. With Instagram, invite followers to send in pictures of their dad when young, or in uniform, for instance. It’s all about getting your followers to remember their dads and how special they are, and to get them thinking about what they can do to make Father’s Day a special day for them.

Put Together a Gift Guide

You know how difficult it is to find a special gift for dad – or for anyone – so make it easier for your visitors by adding a gift guide to the catalog of goods on your online store. Organize the guide by value – say up to $50, up to $100 and greater, or whatever increments you want to use, and add brief but engaging descriptions to each one.
Father's day
Father's day
Giving your consumers a start with a pre-created shortlist is a great way of saving them time. As well as price, organize the gift guide by categories or type of item. For example, you could have a section of shaving goods, one of fashion, another of jewelry, and so on. It’s a great way to help your visitors and customers who need an idea for a gift. They can just go to the options quickly and find the right one.

Using Ads to Promote Father’s Day

If you want to use ads for promoting Father’s Day it’s a sensible choice, but make sure you target the right audience on the right platforms. Facebook ads get a good audience and can be very successful. Google Ads can bring in a lot of customers as they are carefully targeted. Using ads on social media is a cheap and effective method, but you shouldn’t stop there.
Many businesses overlook the power that local radio has in advertising terms. Many consumers listen in the car on the daily commute, and there you have a captive audience. Radio advertising has been shown by researchers to be one of the best mediums aside from social networks, so should not be overlooked. It’s also surprisingly affordable and worth investigating.

Email Marketing and SMS Campaigns

In the rush to utilize social networks, your website, and your blog it’s all too easy to overlook some of the more traditional promotion methods that are still successful. Email campaigns, for example, may not be as direct as a pop-up on your website, but they will reach those who are not frequent visitors and may be in the market for a Father’s Day gift. You will have a database of existing customers and perhaps potential leads. Send an email to each of these announcing your deals, and include an enticement such as 10% off when quoting something from the email at checkout.
Father's day
A similar approach can be used for SMS messages, which may in fact be more successful than an email campaign as people are more likely to read them. Many who would bin an email without reading it may open an SMS as it is a more personal method of communication. Each of these can be easily implemented for little cost.

Create a Virtual Display

When you walk into a store that has a promotion on, you are immediately hit by a carefully placed and designed promotional display. We’ve already suggested optimizing your e-commerce store for Father’s Day and making it visible on the site, but what about taking that a step further and creating – on the pages of your Father’s Day promotional section – a virtual display?
It could be a photographed or digitally created image, or a moving photo that could perhaps be interactive and help the visitor view the catalog of Father’s Day gifts while exploring the display? Engaging the customer will always lead to greater visitor satisfaction, and enhance your brand reputation by going that extra mile to entertain.

Some Final Words

Father’s Day is an important occasion for dads across the land, and also for their families. Fathers are special, and it’s great to be able to celebrate their worth with them. If your online store is not geared towards suitable products or services, there’s no reason you can’t create gift packages and buy-in specially branded goods for the occasion.
It’s interesting to note that in a recent survey in which consumers were asked what they looked for in a Father’s Day gift, more than 40% said they wanted something original and different. 36% wanted a gift that created a memory, and fewer than 20% said that they were looking for something cheap.
That data shows how important dad is to children, and should help you decide upon the sort of gift or service you should promote for Father’s Day. Don’t miss out on what is a prime opportunity for expanding your customer base.
To learn more about Father’s Day promotions take a look here. If you are looking for more marketing campaign ideas, check out our other article here, and for more seasonal tips head on over to our e-commerce guides here.
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