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In-app Campaign Statistics

New feature release

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our app – Campaign Statistics. As our customers continue to improve their conversion rates, their requirements for more data to drive accurate decisions continue to grow.
Campaign Statistics allows you to measure your campaigns’ performance and enables real-time insights into how your visitors interact with them. It facilitates your interpretation and analysis, helping you to make smarter decisions and further improve your conversion rates.
The feature is accessible through the Campaigns page and presented as an easy-to-understand dashboard. You can find metrics that matter the most to improve the effectiveness of your onsite campaigns:
For convenience, you can filter the metrics for preset date ranges e.g. 7 days, 30 days or all time. The custom date range is also available.
Campaign stats socital app
Data collation, combined with analytics, organizes large amounts of data clearly and concisely. Displayed results can help online retailers improve their e-commerce business strategy and execution.
For each campaign, users can use charts to interpret current data for the preferable interval (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) and make predictions.

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