How email personalization
can improve your conversion rates?

Whether you’re a consumer or an ecommerce marketing guru, you know that people often receive marketing information through email. You probably wake up in the morning and see a number of some unread emails sitting in your inbox that you need to clear up.

“Email marketing is one of the most highly ranked marketing channels for return on investment, as long as the email is somewhat personalized. Not only that, but merely personalized subject lines produce a 42% increase in open rates, 49% higher transaction rates, and 73% higher revenue in some industries, according to MarketingSherpa.”

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Ways to Personalize Your Email Marketing

Segment Your Email Lists

Creating different subsets of customers inside your user base is a great way to separate the average person. As long as you have the right marketing tools in place, you should easily be able to do something like this.

The reason for doing so is that you’ll be able to target your emails more accurately by developing dynamic content for each target audience that you feel you need to reach. This comes from collecting the right data about your subscribers through things like signup forms.

Having a customer’s name, gender, age, profession, location, interests and hobbies may just seem like a way for a company to feign interest in you as a person but it’s far more than that.

segment email list
If you have a product that will only be relevant to someone between the age of 18 to 30, living by the beach in Southern Europe, sending the mail to someone in the USA is going to be pointless. Not only that, but you’ll likely have alienated your US client and perhaps caused them to unsubscribe.

Make Your Emails Personal

As soon as you’ve got your different subsets of customers, you can start thinking about how to make the emails personal. Having your client’s name on the email isn’t really enough anymore, although it’s a decent start.

    • Make sure that the content you’re sending out to them is relevant to the fields that we’ve discussed in the previous point. If this customer lists reading as a hobby, don’t tell them about the special you’re having on hiking boots! It may sound straightforward but you’d be surprised how often it happens.


  • Focus on things like previous purchases, items in the basket, hobbies, location, gender, age and any kind of storytelling content that you can get your hands on that may be impactful when deciding to market to your customer.
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Design Your Emails Well

In order to make sure that your email marketing is well-received, you should be focusing on your email design too.
  • First off, make sure that your emails are designed well by keeping in theme with what your website is like.

  • Match the theme, the feel and the user interface in a similar way so that there isn’t a massive disconnect when people look at your emails.
newsletter for online retailers

If you’ve made them personal and targeted, people will enjoy getting the emails before they’ve even looked at them because they’ll associate the design and layout with how personal they are.

Secondly, since mobile phones are so prevalent in modern society, especially where email marketing is concerned, make sure that your emails are responsive.

Subscribers will often click out as soon as they’ve clicked in if the email stretches too far across your mobile screen, or if it hasn’t been properly laid out to accommodate for different size screens.

mobile optimized newsletter

Behavior Triggered Emails

These are the real-time reactions to how your customers are using your products. When you receive an email telling you that you haven’t done something that you should have done, or that you’ve left items in your basked, these are the behavior-triggered emails that work so well.

These emails check the boxes of being personal and informative, while still being easy enough to automate and can be sent to groups of customers. These types of emails can bring customers back to the website and get them to complete their journey or start a new one in its entirety.

the online buying process

Personalized Landing Pages

If you’re already on track with personalizing your emails to clients, you can take that process a step further by having personalized landing pages. If you’re able to marry these two together, you’ll be able to capitalize on the success rate even more.

We spoke about keeping the copy and the design similar, but how much better would it be if, upon the click through, your client saw something that was tailor-made for them as soon as they landed back on your site?

It’s a powerful way to drive traffic and if you relate the content of your email to the interests of your segmented customer lists, you can grab the reader’s attention quickly, and give them a helping hand in moving towards the next step of conversion.

ecommerce landing pages

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a retailer that caters to their preferences, so it seems like a logical step to focus on personalizing communications to increase the impact of email marketing.

If you’re not personalizing your email marketing, you’re just missing out and Socital can give you the power to improve conversion and open rates by putting these helpful ways to personalize email marketing in the palm of your hands.

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