Increase Your Shopify Store Conversion Rates
in the Holiday Season

November is almost over, which means that the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! For E-commerce sites, increased traffic during December isn’t something surprising. It’s a high-spending period that needs special marketing preparation. Hopefully, you have already prepared your Christmas Ads and Email Campaigns. However, once your visitors are on your website you need to make sure that they actually convert. To avoid last-minute panic, we have outlined the 5 things you need to do that will increase your E-store’s conversion rates and get the most out of this period’s high traffic

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1) Implement Exit-Intent Pop-ups

Ahhh pop-ups. We love pop-ups here at Socital, simply because they are one of the most effective attention-grabbing tools and super easy to implement. The holiday season is a perfect time to implement an exit intent pop-up. Keep in mind that your visitors will be checking other websites as well to compare offers. By adding an exit-intent pop-up with an attractive discount you manage to keep them from leaving your website and give them an extra reason to complete their purchase. Of course, since so many people are going to be on your website this holiday season, you need to make sure that your pop-ups are perfectly designed to convert well. Pay close attention to the copy you use, your images, your offer and most importantly your Call To Action.
holiday exit pop up

2) Optimize your landing pages

Landing pages are the best places on your website to capture new leads. A well-designed landing page can convert anything between 20%-40%. Given that your visitors are actively looking to purchase, conversion rates from your landing pages can rise to over 50%. So you need to make sure that every element of your landing page is attractive enough to make your visitors convert. Just like your pop-ups, pay extra careful attention to your copy and the aesthetics of the page. Make sure that the offer is something of value to your visitor and that your CTA is powerful.


The holiday season is a great chance to collect customer identities and grow your mailing list. So you want to make sure that signing up to your website’s engagement points is as easy as it can get for your customers. That’s where social media comes in. Allow your customers to connect with you with one click and at the same time collect rich data from their social media profiles. Implementing Social Media Connects will serve you well in the long run: all the customer data that you collect during this busy period will help you retain your customers even after the holidays by  creating super personalized content and experiences for them.


You already know that competition during the holiday season is high.So removing barriers from the customer journey and making the check-out process as simple as possible is key. The best way to optimize your check-out process is by replacing your traditional registration forms with a Social Login. This way your customers can register and complete their purchases with one click, using information from their existing Social Media profiles. Keep in mind that 77% of customers prefer Social Login over username and password registration and sites using Social Login see an average 11% drop on their cart abandonment rates.


Having a mobile friendly site nowadays is a must. Almost 60% of your visitors this year are expected to visit your website through a mobile while 3 out of 10 purchases are now done through a mobile device. Mobile shopping is huge and it’s getting even bigger. Last year, 48% of traffic came from mobile devices. So you want your website, pop-ups and emails to look perfect on mobile devices. Remember that Google penalizes sites that are not mobile-friendly, so this can cost you greatly during the busy holiday seasons. You can check if your site passes google’s mobile check here. Also, make sure you use responsive templates for your email campaigns  that adjust to every device and provide users with a great experience. So this is it! Spend some extra time to ensure that your website ticks off the above 5 points and be sure to see high conversion rates that will serve you all year round! Happy converting! 🙂
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