Checkout Optimization Tactics for Your Shopify Store

Checkout Optimization Tactics for Your Shopify Store

What is checkout optimization?

In marketing, optimization is about boosting people’s motivation to take the action you want them to take, and removing anything that might keep them from finishing that action. As we’re talking about a Shopify online store here, we’re focusing specifically on the checkout experience. When customers are reaching the checkout process, we need them not only to maintain their excitement but also to buy and visit the product pages again and again.

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How does checkout page optimization work?

Checkout process optimization is based on eliminating distractions so customers can focus on finding and buying the product or products they’re searching for. It’s critical to make sure all necessary information is available and that the consumer understands the stages of the checkout process. Consumers must take specific steps when they make a purchase.
The checkout process is the grand finale for your Shopify store. It is where choices about the product are finalized, add-ons are chosen, shipping options are confirmed and then payment is provided. Increasing the conversion rate in the Shopify store isn’t as difficult as it seems. If you want to improve your conversion rate, you need to optimize your checkout page.

Let’s take a look at several checkout process optimization tactics you can put to work, resulting in your cart abandonment rate dropping and sales rising.

checkout page optimization

What are the basic optimization principles to keep in mind?

#Work your layout

A valuable tip to avoid shopping cart abandonment. Remember that less is more. Reduce or remove the header and footer on checkout pages to reduce or completely avoid any distractions. Use a friendly layout that saves customers’ time and helps them understand the procedure easily. Make the entire process absolutely simple to grasp and easy to perform.
Work your layout

#Don’t ask for more information than a first-date stalker

Never forget that a customer feels invaded when asked to provide seemingly unnecessary information. Thus, make fields optional or explain them. Save customers’ time and ask for personal information only once. Get the customer’s email address soon and follow up with an email campaign aimed at saving the sale and building a tighter relationship with the prospect.
Don’t ask for more information

#Build trust

Consistently remind visitors of your value. The challenge is to build trust with shoppers on their first visit. They want to know if they’re dealing with a legitimate Shopify store that follows industry-standard security practices.


#Provide clear action items

Use a progress bar or other tool to show shoppers the steps they need to take to complete checkout and lead them through every step along the way. Make “Add to Cart” the most obvious next action on every product detail page.


#Add a countdown timer to your checkout page to increase urgency

Providing limited-time offers by using a checkout progress bar can really help create urgency for your visitors to push them to finish their purchase right away and not have them leave the checkout page. It appeals to the customers FOMO (fear of missing out) and encourages them to purchase instantly. Clear progress indicators motivate people to complete the checkout process as they’ll be able to see the end goal.
Countdown popup Cyber monday

Extra Tip:

Set up a personalized message for when the timer runs out and get the customer to convert right away as you can show them another message to create urgency.

#Free shipping

Shipping costs are the biggest reason for cart abandonment. To pursue hesitant customers offer free shipping or coupon code with a discount or a free upgrade. 55% of customers bounce back from an e-commerce store because the extra costs are too high. Offer free shipping to eradicate this problem. If that’s not an option, consider a zip code/shipping calculator on the “Review” page or a shipping flat rate clearly stated on the product detail page.
Free shipping

#Provide guest checkout

The guest checkout option in your Shopify store takes the checkout optimization process to the next level. Don’t worry about losing connection with your customers, as you’ll have their contact details anyway when they purchase. Offer account creation for guest checkout on the Thank-You page, not before. You already have the customer’s information. All they really need to do is provide a password and opt-in as a site member.
Provide guest checkout

#Ask for card info last

Customers will be more inclined to complete this section after everything else is finalized.

#Keep the shopping cart open

Give your customers a way to keep shopping during the checkout process without having to start again. If they want to add more, let them! This helps retain customers and get a better conversion rate at checkout.

#Thank-you page

What the customer sees after purchase. Make post-purchase requests e.g. get the customer to socially share their order, like the store on Social, refer friends, do a survey, or make another purchase. Not asking your new customer to do something is a mistake.
Thank you page

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