Introducing Assisted Revenue Report

A new addition to the versatile Socital eCommerce tool, Assisted Revenue Report is an addition to the dashboard that can be used by Shopify and Non-Shopify users to provide accurate and essential data relating to revenue generated across all Socital campaigns.
Designed to be simple to use and to offer further insight into sales and performance of your onsite campaigns, Assisted Revenue Report will be popular with online retailers looking to grow their customer base and improve revenue.

What Does Assisted Revenue Report Add to an eCommerce Store?

Available as an extra tool on the Socital dashboard, Assisted Revenue Report gathers data across a 7-day period that allows the app users to analyze how each of their campaigns is performing.
This in turn enables the user to put more emphasis on the marketing platforms that are consistently providing the best results.
Furthermore, a new outlook on the less lucrative campaigns can be implemented to improve that area of marketing.
Data is presented in a clear and concise table that outlines impressions, conversions, conversion rate, and total assisted revenue for each campaign.

How Does Assisted Revenue Report Work?

The Assisted Revenue Report records data over a 7-day period that enables detailed analysis of this sector of eCommerce marketing.
It works largely as follows:
If a customer clicks through from more than one campaign the revenue will be recorded as part of each campaign’s assisted revenue.
Assisted Revenue Report

What are the main benefits of the Assisted Revenue Report?

To recap, the benefits of the Assisted Revenue Report for eCommerce stores are as follows:

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