7 Creative Ideas
for the Summer Seasonal Campaign

When it comes to seasons, there are few other seasons that can be as effective as of Summer in terms of a seasonal marketing campaign for e-commerce. Here are 7 ideas to make a summer seasonal campaign an effective one.

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1. Introduce Season Phrases & Colours

Introduce phrasings for seasons, especially in the Summer, and introduce colours that can be associated with your end goal. Right phrases create sensations around the wording and also promote the sale that you’re currently talking about.

Identifying the summer holidays with your sale, and bringing in some bright Summer colours, can:

  • Get your point across,
  • Encourage customers to feel more engaged,
  • Drive them to spend more time on site.

2. Focus On & Tighten Up Seasonal CTAs

Your current call to action (CTA) buttons could also do with a few updates depending on how you want to promote things in the Summer. Whether you have different deals or not, changing “Choose This Deal” to “Get This Summer Deal” can make all the difference when trying to convert a customer. These don’t only have to apply for Summer, but you’ll be able to do them across seasons for similar results.

In climates where seasons are more prevalent, you’ll be far better off identifying these and running with them for promotional ideas.

summer sales campaign with a special offer

3. Bring in Exclusive Summer Offers

Summer promotes warmth, staying cool and for some, lazy days. Speak to your entire market. If you’re in the market of selling fans and air conditioners, promote them! Something as simple as ice cube trays will be far more relevant to someone enjoying the Summer heat, thus likely making them checking out their basket and completing their order.

Offer up some coupons and deals to go with the season as consumers are more likely to spend their hard-earned money if they have the feeling that they are getting an even better saving.

summer sales campaign

4. Summer Giveaways & Promotions

Run actual promotions too! Make it known that people can save when they shop with your new promotions. Giveaways can also sway people for Seasonal campaigns too. Giving a customer a chance to win a week on a beach will likely promote more sales and more interest.

5. Make Use of Colours

We’ve covered it in CTAs too, but having effective use of colour defines how users are likely to react to your site. Blue skies, yellow beaches and the orange of sunlight can be an effective colour palette when changing your website’s themes and colour schemes. You should capitalise on that as often as you can.

Colours have a massive effect on people, according to a study at the University of British Columbia. Colour may not be a huge deal to you in particular, but subconsciously it works, for instance:

  • Blue can make people more creative.
  • Red can make people’s work more accurate.

While green portrays a more natural feel and signifies a “Go”, such as you would see with a traffic light, red is thought to communicate excitement or passion.

Even though more people would be inclined to choose the green over the red when making the CTA itself, HubSpot found that the red button outperformed the green button by 21% over a total of 2,000 visits.

Summer popup ideas

6. Refresh Your Recommendations

You should take special care in advertising recommended products during these seasons too. Making sure that people can see you’re offering caps, shorts, fans and coolers can reiterate the theme and CTA and ultimate give an opportunity for upselling and cross-selling. Either way, these should always be looked at, examined and split-tested where possible.

7. Planning Seasonal Campaigns Around Sports

In the UK, Summer likely means cricket and Wimbledon. Playing to your strength is important, but any kind of mention of strawberries and cream for a Brit, will spark thoughts of Wimbledon, so use that to your advantage!

Sports are a great way to bring people together and give them the feeling of being out in the sun, participating and thinking of the Summer that you’re already promoting on your site. It’s easy and effective to do.

summer seasonal campaign with special offer
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