Effective use of popups
on your e-commerce website

Pop-ups, or modal boxes, in web design can be seen as a love-hate feature at times in the ecommerce industry. Whether they are not done correctly, or perhaps done with a certain amount of responsibility, they can be polarising for users. When done correctly, they can be a vital tool for ecommerce websites. Understanding how they work and what they can be used for is fundamentally important for all business owners that operate online.

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Why Pop-ups can be game-changing in many ways

They can be game-changing in both positive and negative ways and it’s up to website designers and content curators to ensure that they are monitored carefully, while still getting the message across to the user. On the positive side, if your research is conducted properly, you’ll be able to answer user questions with pop-ups in a way that gives the users a great experience. If they are interested in your products or what you’re offering and perhaps want to sign up for mailing list, having a pop-up letting users sign up to that will leave customers feeling a fantastic sense of welcome at your website.
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What can pop-ups do for me? 

The fact of the matter is, pop-ups have around a 2% higher increase in click-through rates than other types of ads, according to the BlogMarketing Academy. Therefore, it only makes good sense to use them.

Here are some of the things that pop-ups can do for your business:

  •  Capture data for first-time visitors and grow email database.
  •  Initiate customers’ purchase journey.
  •  Increase instant sales.
  •  Increase checkout conversion rate.
  •  Upsell and cross-sell the products.
  •  Improve customers loyalty.

Top Reasons to Use Pop-ups in Ecommerce

1. They Quickly Grab Attention

It’s no secret that pop-ups can distract, but if you’ve done your research right, you can quickly grab the attention of your user and gently nudge them towards your conversion goal.

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2. Complete Customisation

You have complete and total freedom to do whatever you like with a pop-up. It can appear on a page-load, a page close, when an element has the mouse pointer touch it or just randomly appear after a few seconds. You have the power to make it as pronounced as you want, or perhaps keep it rather subtle for specific situations.

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3. Can Be Used to Collect Emails

What’s vital in the ecommerce world is in contact with your customers. Having a pop-up appear and being able to convert a user to offer up their email address for a mailing list is a huge advantage. You can use social gated pop-ups that will require users to sign in from a social media platform. This will allow you to collect other types of information in addition to what you’ve already collected.

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4. Will Generate Urgency

Pop-ups can be used as a great way to promote special offers. You can offer users specifically tailored specials that will only appear for a certain amount of time, perhaps driving them further towards making a sale for an item they were looking at or browsing for.

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5. Ability to Offer Complementary Items to Upsell or Cross-sell

Once someone has successfully made a purchase or even added something to their basket, this will give you the chance to offer them complementary items that they may already be looking for. Are they shopping for a new phone? Here are some phone covers that can work with the new phones you’re looking at.

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6. Reminders about Cart

Sometimes people will add things to a cart and then walk away from it. Pop-ups are a great way to remind people that something is still in the cart or to remind them about the unique value proposition and persuade them to complete the order. With a simple button, you can direct abandoning customers back to the checkout page. Exit-intent pop-ups could also be used as a way to capture an email address, asking users if they want to be made aware when an item is back in stock, or perhaps the item has decreased in price.   

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Quick Tips to Remember

 Speed is Key
More people browse on mobile so it’s important your pop-up is fast to arrive and fast to go. Enter, make your point, then disappear upon click.
 Make it Direct
Don’t beat around the bush or try to encapsulate too many things. Focus on something specific and offer it then and there!
 Maintain Site Flow
Ensure the pop-up is in keeping with the site design and style of the website. Something that is too jarring will evoke feelings of mistrust.
 Once is Enough
If you show the same pop-up to a user twice in one visit, there’s a good chance they won’t be back to your site. Don’t repeat yourself, they saw it!
 Relevance is Essential
Make sure the context makes sense. If they are about to close your site, offer them something to keep them there.

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