How to Supercharge Customers Retention
with Onsite Retargeting

If you find that your ecommerce website is losing leads, customers and sales, then don’t panic just yet because it’s quite normal. On average, 96% of visitors leave a website without taking the next step. It’s really a numbers game, a game that you need to play in order to win. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most visitors will only stick around for 59 seconds or less. This means that you have a small window to capture the attention of the user before they move on to another site.

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1. Slowly Ease Your Customers In

We touch on not asking too much from a customer below, but it’s important to ease a customer into the process. For someone who is new to the site or relatively unknown, you should give them the option of something easy such as checking out your blog or maybe signing up to a newsletter. Once they have become a prospect or potential customer, give them freebies or offers that they might enjoy. This will lead to the sale and present the opportunity for them to take advantage and become a customer.
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2. Maintain Fluidity in your Website

Ideally, you’ll want to show different people different offers based on what they have done in the past. No matter where the customer starts their journey at your site, you should let them get to the next step on their own, by giving them options that suit their preferences and habits.

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3. Issue the Right CTAs for the Right Customers

The best thing you can do is take the time and care when issuing a CTA. You don’t want to appear overly aggressive, a strategy that happens all too often when companies don’t have the right retargeting intelligence. These can be pushy and you’re better off giving a customer the right CTA that suits their needs, rather than a blanket CTA that applies to everyone.
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4. You’re Not There to Trick Your Customers

You should always avoid trying to get customers to answer “yes” to the most obvious questions. They are going to feel like they’ve been duped or tricked into something and they’ll likely not enjoy the experience. Ensure that you have a retargeting system that will give them the answers to questions they want and point them towards their interests.

Socital’s solution to increase sales conversion can help with many of these problems. You can personalise your recommendation pop-ups based on age, gender and interests, with a strong focus on brand affiliate. This will give you the leg-up that you need to turn a visitor into a customer.

What Is On-Site Retargeting?

There’s a very small percentage of web traffic that converts on the first visit, so retargeting is done to try and capture the rest of the users who don’t convert the first time around.

Think of it like becoming a regular at your local store. On your first visit, you may decide to have a look around and considering buying a piece of jewellery. If the person behind the counter introduces themselves and understands that you’re looking at the earrings, the next time you visit, they can tell you that the earrings are on offer, or perhaps that the new collection has just arrived.  

This will then give you, the customer, a feeling of familiarity, and what started out as you being interested in the earrings, has now turned into the seller, knowing that you want to buy the earrings, he or she can give you a special offer on them, or entice you with a bit of advertising talk.

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Some Mistakes That Websites Make

a. Asking too much from a customer

Don’t push your customer to instantly buy something if they are just browsing around. People often want to look around, find what they want, and then either buy it on impulse or leave thinking about it for another time. Try to avoid pushing the user to buy too early.

b. Using broad strokes instead of targeted messages

People could quite easily become disenfranchised by your message if you do silly things with your targeted messages. If someone has come to your site to buy a large product like a washing machine or a TV, don’t give them more offers for the same product. The chances are almost non-existent that a customer who just bought a big appliance is going to want to see them again.
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c. Not showing a customer what they want

Be sure that you try to mix things up in the marketing message. If you’re showing a one-size-fits-all marketing message, you’re going to alienate the users that didn’t come for that exact reason. It’s a big turn off for any buyer.
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d. Interrupting the browsing experience

The last thing that people will want on your site is a massive exit pop-up that appears as soon as they mouse over a certain part of their screen. Make sure you allow the customer to freely browse and have an uninterrupted experience when they visit your site. Though, you can make one last-ditch effort to bring your abandoning customers back before they leave the checkout.
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