3 personalization tactics
for your e-commerce business

Personalization works because the individual behind the browser has unique preferences. Showing your visitors products that you know they like smooths the path to purchase by moving them faster down the funnel.

In this article, we are highlighting the most effective personalization tactics for better engaging with your online buyers and increasing sales conversion rate:

Table of Contents

1. Product recommendations and offers based on browsing behaviour

Help your buyers easily navigate through the product catalogue.
Product recommendations
Use buyers’ browsing behavior data and purchase history to create product recommendations. For example, you can choose between a variety of personalized campaigns such as: best seller lists, “you might also like” product list, “complete the look”, match the colour, cross-selling product recommendations, cart abandonment emails, etc.


2. Product recommendations and offers based on social media data

Give your visitors the option to register by social media. This way you will be able to get access to rich data behind their social profiles e.g.: gender, interests, relationship status, locations, brand affiliations, and turn anonymous store visitors into known customers and welcome them with their full name, show product recommendations or simply display products based on their brand affiliations.
Email recommendations


3. Triggered emails

Send customized emails based on the user’s key signals like cart abandonment and remind the user to complete the order or offer products similar to the one he left in the shopping cart. Segment your audience by gender, location, purchase data, and other parameters, and send personalized promotional emails with products, discounts, early access offer, birthday deals or exclusive loyalty offers.
Triggered emails


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