Data Subject Rights

Socital GDPR Compliant Ecommerce Tool

How we help you respond to requests from your users

Under the GDPR, individuals have certain rights when it comes to their personal data and they may get in touch with you – you being the data controller, with requests to:
  • Access their personal data (‘Right of access’),
  • Erase their personal data (‘Right to be forgotten’),
  • Rectify their personal data (‘Right to rectification’),
  • Get a copy of their personal data in an electronic format (‘Right to data portability’).

What do you need to do in regards to Socital when you receive such a request?

The process is simple! You need to send an email at from the email address from which you operate
your Socital account
(this is the email address that you use to login at In the email include:
  • the type of the request (erase, get a copy etc.)
  • the email address of the individual that the request concerns, so that we can locate them in our system.
We will notify you within the same email communication thread about receiving the request and in the following days we will notify you, again in the same thread, about the completion of the request. Note 1: once users have been erased from our system per your request, their data can’t be restored. Note 2: we won’t respond to oral requests or to requests sent through other means or to other Socital email addresses such as to your Customer Success Agent. Always direct such requests in writing to  

Got Questions? Ask our Data Protection Officer!