GDPR Compliance is easier with Socital

We give you tools to manage the requirements of the GDPR

I’m new to GDPR! See our FAQs

Rebuild your mailing lists

We help you create compliant lead generation campaigns. Add consent opt-in at your lead generation forms with the click of a button. And we keep detailed consent logs too.


Read our detailed Personal Data and Processing guide with information on all the personal data we store and how we process them, how do we secure them and more.


We secure the personal data of your users with advanced data protection measures and policies.

Data Subject rights

We help you comply with the requirements for data subject rights. Easily request a copy of a user’s personal data or to completely delete their profile and data.

Consent only Data Collection

We do not buy or scrape the web for data on your users. We build the unified Socital profiles with data you provide to us or data collected when users opt-into a Socital campaign on your website.

Data Storage