Covid-19 guide

Covid-19 guide

Free e-commerce guide to minimize the COVID-19's impact.

Go-to e-commerce tactics in a crisis
The COVID-19 pandemic turns to be one of the extreme business disruptions. Without a relevant strategy, retailers are facing an existential crisis. To minimize the negative impact on their businesses, we’ve prepared a go-to e-commerce guide in a crisis.

1. Homepage

Consumers during this period tend to make more “intentional “rather than “impulsive” purchases, so it’s more likely that these users will land at an e-shop through Google search or directly. This highlights the importance of the homepage more than ever.
1.1. Dedicated notifications section for COVID-19 updates
Consumers are looking for information on how their online order is affected by this current situation, as well as precautionary measures that businesses have taken towards the protection of consumers and employees.

1.2. A special landing page with information about COVID-19

Basic information on orders placed, changes on delivery and returns, new measures, FAQs (e.g extended returns, free shipping, payment methods, interest-free instalments, collection from the store).
1.3. Highlight new policies for orders across your site
Make sure you update all basic services or communicate extra benefits given in a place that is noticeable regardless of which page they land at when visiting your e-shop.
1.4. Custom messages based on current needs/ trends
The majority of users are not looking for the latest trends in fashion but for comfy/cozy clothes to enhance work from home. Most consumers have already adopted the habit of home workouts. Consumer needs have changed, it’s about time your homepage does too!

2. Category page - Product page

It is essential to organize and customize your category and product pages in a way that will help users easily find what they are looking for and essentially increase sales. Also during COVID-19 all our product pages must include useful information related to the purchase process.
2.1. Promote Top Sellers
What products do your visitors need the most? Do visitors know they can find these products in your e-shop?
2.2. Limited-time offers
Limited-time offers are a great way to interact with your visitors, as it creates a sense of urgency and helps to convert them into buyers.
exit-intent pop-up with a limited time offer
2.3. Updates on out of stock products
The supply chain has been significantly affected by COVID-19, so there is a high chance that products will run out of stock quicker due to high demand. In this case, you can set-up availability notifications and email back your visitors when you have them back in stock.
2.4. Boost categories that are low in demand
Being right in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis users are interested in buying mostly essential products. A good way to boost categories that are low in demand is to give a special discount on these specific categories.

3. Cart Page

All the suggestions made above have one final aim for the customer to make it through the cart page! Even if we have successfully checked all the checkboxes above, there are still some essential tips that can boost your orders these days.
3.1. Adjustments based on new shipping policies

Important Changes:

3.2. Update on shipping and delivery time
3.3. Contactless Delivery Service
Following the Government Guidelines on health safety for Retail Stores, it is important to introduce new measures and keep your clients informed. They will highly appreciate it.
3.4. Reduce cart abandonment
Using an exit-intent modal on the cart and checkout pages gives you the chance to communicate your unique selling points to visitors which will aid you to reduce the cart abandonment rate.

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