Beauty retailer used Socital’s online solution for personalisation to grow email database size and increase average cart value.

100 %
Increase email database
post GDPR
1 %
increase in open rate on personalized emails
2 %
ctr on
1 %
increase in AVG.
cart value

The Challenge

  1. CherryBox was looking for a solution to sustainably grow their customer list after GDPR.
  2. Brand wanted to increase retention by personalising the customer experience.
  3. Drive increase in average cart value by ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Socital implemented different personalisation strategies, creating a customer-centric experience
that matches the CherryBox brand:


  1. Using seasonal on-site campaigns with personalized offers and Calls-to-Action, we motivate first-time visitors to subscribe to CherryBox newsletter.

  2. After capturing visitors’ data, we initiate a unique customer shopping journey by using our on-site recommendation tool.

  3. Every visitor is then presented with a personalized Success Screen message and Call-to-Action to direct them to the relevant product page based on their preferences and gender.


  1. We analyse captured e-mails, identify gender, First Name, and translate them to the local language.

  2. Socital easily integrates with Contact Pigeon and syncs subscribers’ data in real-time, which helps us to further segment audience.

  3. We personalise the CherryBox newsletter by greeting subscribers with their First Name which increases open rate by 53,3%.

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